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Sometimes you might want to and need to talk with the CEO, president and majority owner. Our team is empowered to make decisions, think on their feet, and are trained to help all of you. But sometimes I get it, you just want to talk to the “leader of the ship.”

I get it.

Don’t hesitate. Call me. Text me. E-mail me.

You’re not important to me, you are more than that. You are why Drexel exists. You hold the keys to the kingdom.

So reach out to me if you need to.

I’ve been doing this my whole life and 30 years later I’m still here. Maybe I can help.

Joel Fleischman – Owner/Solution Provider
920.979.4045  |

P.S. You can also find me on the gram, facebook, twitter, and I do a happy hour podcast weekly… Find me on Spotify or Youtube.

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